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Raintree Management, Inc. Believes Tenants Need Resource Information.

Tenant Resources

Maintenance & Emergencies
Our goal is to take action on your maintenance needs in a timely manner. Please keep in mind, however that there may be times such as weekends, holidays, or after hours that we are unable to respond to your problem as quickly as we would like. If you have a non-emergency maintenance problem, you may call the office, 677-0299. If it is after hours, please leave your name, phone number where you may be reached and the nature of your problem and we will endeavor to return your phone call at our earliest convenience. If you have a true emergency, call 911.

Maintenance Tips
We offer a few tips for items you can safely check yourself if you have a maintenance problem. If the suggestions do not take care of the problem, report it to the office. Click on the link for our maintenance request.

Maintenance Request PDF

•Electric Water Heaters •Low Water Pressure
•Gas Water Heaters •Water Leaks/
•Leaking Water Heaters Running Toilets
•Electric Outlets •Garbage Disposal
•Heaters •Clogged Drains
•Smoke Alarms •Oven
•Community Emergency Resources

Electric Water Heaters:
No hot water – Check the breakers in the electrical panel (the breaker may not look tripped, you must physically reset it) or check for a visible red reset button on the water heater (do not remove the panel). If the reset button is visible and has popped out, push it in. Remember it takes time for the water to heat up. You should be able to hear a humming sound if there is power to it.

Limited hot water – this is probably a bad heating element or thermostat that must be replaced by a professional.
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Gas Water Heaters:
Be sure the gas is on and pilot is lit – the gas company will light the pilot for you (Avista Utilities 1-800-227-9187).
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Leaking Water Heaters:
If you see water leaking around your water heater, please try to determine if the tank is leaking or if it is a plumbing connection. The more information we have the faster we will be able to remedy your problem.
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Non-Working Electrical Outlets:
There are a couple of easy remedies for electrical outlets that do not work. In older units, the outlet may be controlled by a switch. In newer units, the switch may contain or may be connected to an outlet with a built-in GFI breaker. If this is the case, push in the button on the GFI outlet. If a number of outlets and switches are involved, a breaker in the panel may have tripped. Take care not to overload the system. Call the office if these remedies do not work.
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Low Water Pressure:
If you have low water pressure at a single faucet, it is probably a clogged filter. This is easy to remedy by unscrewing the aerator and cleaning the filter. If you have low water pressure throughout your house and are on a well, please check the filters on the well system.
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If you have a forced air heating system, it is very important that you change the filters regularly. This not only adds to the life of the system, but also adds to its efficiency and reduces your energy costs. Filters are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at your favorite discount store.

Small wall heaters similar to the picture, have a safety feature that causes a breaker inside to trip if items are placed too close to it. Please avoid the problem by keeping furniture at least three feet away. It means a service call to reset the heater at a cost to you.

If you have a gas heater, be sure the gas is on and pilot is lit - the gas company will light the pilot for you (Avista Utilities 1-800-227-9187)

Baseboard heaters – be sure the breaker has not tripped and the unit is turned on. Take care not to place items too close to the unit or leave items hanging over furniture that could fall onto the unit and cause a fire.
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Water Leaks/Running Toilets:
It is critical that water leaks are reported immediately. Over time water can cause extensive damage to the property but if taken care of immediately, the damage is minimized. In addition, leaking water costs money, whether you or the owner is paying for it. Please pay special attention to your toilets. They can run constantly or just cycle on without being flushed if there is a leak in the seal. Running toilets can cost hundreds of dollars in water usage so please report toilet problems immediately.
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Smoke Alarms:
Smoke alarms are supplied to you and are critical in saving lives. All smoke alarms must have a hush feature and unless they are hardwired, they must have a 10-year lithium battery. If the alarm is hardwired with battery back up, a nine-volt battery is acceptable. If it necessary to replace the battery, the proper battery type must be used. Please do not remove or otherwise tamper with a working smoke alarm except to replace the battery.
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Garbage Disposal:
It is necessary to run cold water when operating a garbage disposal. You should allow the water to run for a while after the food is gone to clear the line. Dispose of food scraps in small batches rather than one large amount to help avoid clogs. Do not dispose of large, hard items such as bones and corncobs. Be careful that silverware and other foreign objects are not allowed in the disposal cavity. If it is necessary to retrieve an object, be sure the breaker is turned off or the unit is unplugged.
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Clogged Drains:
If every drain in the unit is clogged and backing up, it is probably roots in the main line or a plumbing problem and is the responsibility of the landlord. If the clog is isolated to one drain, it is probably hair, food or a foreign object. Quite often you can retrieve hair from the tub/shower and bathroom sink drains and problem is cured. It is important that only items of a biodegradable nature be put down drains and toilets.
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Electric Oven Does Not Come On - Burners Work:
If you have a timer on your range, that could be the problem. Please read the directions for use. If there is no timer, the element may need to be replaced.
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Community Emergency Resources
If you are having a problem paying your rent, please contact our office, we will make every effort to work with you if at all possible. Listed below are agencies that may have resources available for emergency situations.

Department of Human Services, 440-3301
Housing Authority of Douglas County, 672-9596
UCAN Housing 2nd Chance Program, 440-3421
American Red Cross, 673-3255
Salvation Army Family Services, 672-6581
St. Vincent DePaul (Sutherlin), 459-3394
St. Vincent DePaul (Myrtle Creek), 863-5489
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